Micro teacup and teacup puppies have been our specialty for many years and because of them, our relationships with new puppy owners have become just as important to us. Many have sent us reviews and testimonials of Itsy Puppy and we’d like to share just a few of their (and certainly our) wonderful experiences.

Honestly I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Itsy Puppy.  I purchased a micro-teacup poodle in July 2014.  She was partially pee pad trained but that is what I expected at her young age of 8 weeks old.  She is THE SMARTEST, best behaved dog I have ever seen.  She was fully potty trained by 5 months old, she gets along so well with our Bengal cat.  The entire purchase went perfectly.  I was able to text or call anytime before we received Coco & even after we had her, Itsy Puppy was always available to answer questions.  I loved my baby girl so much I recommended my daughter to Itsy Puppy & she also purchased a baby from them.  I was very skeptical when looking for a “tiny” breeder from bad experiences in the past but I had such a good feeling from the first time I spoke with them.  My puppy is now 7 months old & she is the best addition to our family.  Itsy Puppy comes with a 10 star rating if it was allowed!!  :-)

Itsy Puppy has far exceeded my expectations. They are very professional and care that their puppies are a right match for the owner. Not only did they ask the kind of dog I wanted, but the demeanor of her too. They answered all of my questions and sent videos. My puppy, Bella, is smart and sweet. She came potty trained and learns tricks quickly. I highly recommend Itsy Puppy for the cutest and most well-behaved dogs.

I bought my puppy Phoebe June 7 2013. She is a micro teacup Maltese. Phoebe has a great personality. She loves to play. She came potty trained at 12 weeks old. I have an English bulldog and a regular size Maltese and they get along great. I do recommend if you have dogs that are much bigger it is a good idea for your puppy to have their own pen. My dog is very healthy and everybody in my family loves her. I highly recommend Itsy Puppy.

I purchased a puppy and received her June 28th. She was everything Itsy Puppy said she would be…adorable. Our Maltese had passed away on June 4th and my daughter felt like we should contact Itsy Puppy….our new puppy has already brought us so much happiness. She is absolutely adorable and all the pictures and videos were up to date and truthful. We do also have a rescue dog and find homes for dogs that are abandoned on our 30 acres, but our little puppy is a perfect fit for our family.

I bought my beautiful puppy Hayden from Itsy Puppy. I was a little hesitant to purchase one over the Internet because of all the fraud I had seen and read about. Itsy Puppy was so patient and understood my concerns. They walked me through the process of the purchase and was so kind. They also kept me up to date with frequent emails and videos. When we picked up Hayden they gave us all the information about our puppy and took her time with us so we could get to know our new puppy.  If I can talk my husband into it, I will purchase another puppy from them. They are WONDERFUL. The old adage you get what you pay for is true. These puppies are worth the money. Thank you for my wonderful new baby..

We welcomed two Itsy puppies into our home this year, happy healthy bouncing adorable babies who are like our own children now :) Thanks to Itsy Puppy, we were given little bundles of joy whose personalities matched exactly what we needed/wanted to make our family whole! They are legitimate, not a scam and only seek to make clients happy and send the little ones to happy homes. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with the excellent customer service, follow up and overall experience Itsy Puppy provided!! They are beautiful and we are in love!!

Itsy Puppy guided me the utmost professional and friendly manner up until I received my gorgeous little puppy. Everything that Itsy Puppy promised in regards to my little pom was 100% correct and the pictures that were sent to me are the exact copy of what the dog looks like. There is nothing hidden, you see what you get. The puppy is healthy, happy, smart, outgoing and extremely playful.  She is an absolute dream. It is an amazing company that is completely trustworthy. I did my research prior to purchasing my tiny baby and did not feel comfortable with some of her so called “competitors”.  I highly, highly recommend ItsyPuppy if you are looking for a miniature puppy from all sorts of breeds.You will not be disappointed.

Itsy Puppy worked with me for months to find my perfect pup and she is everything she said she is and more!  She is healthy and we love her to death!   The Itsy Puppy staff spent hours on the phone with me getting to know me and the dog we wanted for our family!

Everything is GREAT!!!  We actually changed her name that day to Pookie 😉  She is doing SOOOOOO good and is the life of our family.  VERY well behaved and cute as ever!!!