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Many of our serious clients want the first pick of our next litters, but sometimes lose the chance to reserve a puppy in time.  This is because there were people who had already paid the custom reservation service fee and had a chance to look at the upcoming puppy’s first pictures or videos before they were even published on our website. This kind of commitment allows us to pay special attention to our clients who are serious about one of our future puppies. Please note that this is different from formally reserving someone already published on our website. It is for reserving a puppy who may be in our next litters who has not yet been published on our website for everyone else to see. If you’d like to reserve someone on our website’s homepage, please call 760-820-2209 or email us at itsypuppy@gmail.com to make a 50% formal reservation deposit.

The first step to the Custom Reservation Service is to make a $500 good faith deposit that works toward your purchase of a micro teacup or teacup puppy.  We will receive the notification and will contact you within 24 hours to start discussing your future puppy and also let you know who we have coming available soon with pictures and videos.

As a client gets photos and information on ones that we think fit what you’re looking for, a final decision is made on a puppy and the 50% deposit of the purchase price is made (minus the $500 deposit). The final remaining balance is due as per our usual standard process, which is at least 5 business days before the confirmed pickup or delivery date.  Ready to get started? Please go ahead and make your deposit to have the first pick of the breed litter here! We look forward to speaking with you!

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