About Us

Itsy Puppy has been consistently rated as the breeder of choice for teacup puppies ever since we started breeding since 2004.  Our understanding and obsession over our dogs allows us to raise our puppies in an environment that is only with the finest quality of care for their health.

So go ahead, browse the tiniest and healthiest teacup puppies for sale at Itsy Puppy!

We specialize in the most adorable teacup pomeranians, maltese, and poodles that you will ever find.

Itsy Puppy’s iconic trademarks, which are readily recognized for perfect proportioned faces and compact bodies even later as adult dogs, incorporate the ideal teacup puppy looks generation after generation. We believe the Itsy Puppy brand represents the best of teacup puppy culture and tradition, sophisticated style, and uncompromising quality.

All our puppies go to their new homes with at least a minimum of two rounds of DHPP vaccinations and dewormings prior to going to their new homes. We begin house-training them to go on puppy pads and are weened off their mother’s milk to eat only organic dry food with the healthiest ingredients.

Contact us with the form below to begin the Itsy Process and reserve the puppy of your dreams! Call us at 760-820-2209 or use the form below!

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